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The Youth Explosion

The youth ministry also participates in a youth conference once a year. At the conference, we meet with all the churches in Lafayette and several from out of town as well. The conference lasts two days, and is entirely run by you and your peers from the community.

You’ll get to know other people your age in the area, and talk about the topics that matter most to you. Each session is broken up by age group and is attended by key ministers, professors, and other area authorities qualified to discuss religious and social topics with you.

The youth conference is about more than just talking, though. Young musicians, dancers, and singers all participate to make the two-day event fun and exciting for anyone who comes. Keep an eye on the website for more dates and information!

College Fair

Every year, WOLF holds a college fair to answer some of the many questions high school students have about continuing education. You can have your questions answered by Purdue professors, people from different colleges and universities, and even financial aid advisors.

The college fair is everything you need to get started on the path to higher education, and is open to anyone in 8th grade and older.

Tutoring and Trips

Tutoring is held every Sunday from 3:30 to 5:30.

Community tutors will help you in any subject you like. Our tutors consist of many Purdue alumni and even PHDs, Masters, and Professors! Tutoring every Sunday from 3:30 to 5:30. Community tutors (lots of Purdue Alumni!) Get your tutoring from Purdue alums, PHDs, masters, and professors. With help like this, there’s no need to struggle through any subject ever again.

Other Events

Throughout the year, WOLF takes members of our youth ministry on college tours and to Purdue plays and shows. These events depend on interest and availability, so check back at the calendar often to see what’s coming up next

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